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Loda Enterprises' Custom Printing Services

Get custom printed labels by the roll for as little as a $0.01 per-tag: variable information, logos, contact information, product details, barcodes, etc. 

If you tired of hand-marking your labels, or need something unique that will integrate with your point-of-sales system but don't have a thermal printer, then you might want to consider contacting Loda to learn more about our custom printing services. Loda enterprises has been printing tags, labels, and signs for customers for more than a decade and we would be glad to help you personalize your merchandising. Many of our customers just want their company name, logo, and contact information; others need labels that have their UPC, product names, prices, and other variable information printed as well. We can do both, and printing costs are often less than a single penny-per-tag.

Several of our printing orders include hundreds of different varieties, and we can print as many or few of each variety as you like. All you need to do is provide a spreadsheet with the information you want on the label and the quantities of each record you would like printed. From there, we build the label and provide you with an image of your label design. You are the final proofing authority and we won't print until you tell us that you are satisfied with the end-result. We are able print in several colors on a diverse selection of different materials and designs.

Because costs can vary depending on the type of work you would like done, we don't have the ability to sell these services online. If you are interested in custom printing, please call or write  us today and we'll be glad to help you!