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Laser Products

Laser Products


Laser printering is one of the most popular forms of printing in almost every industry today, and manufacturers have released a countless number of printer models since they were first introduced. An unintended concequence of this has been that each model seems to react differently to specialty laser products, like the kind that Loda provides. Because of this, we highly recommend that you contact us to request a free sample of any of the material you are considering using before you purchase it. Opened packages cannot be refunded, and we want to avoid selling you a product you won't be completely satisfied with.

If it is available for your printer model, we also recommend using a carbon toner with your outdoor laser stock. For technical reasons, we have found that this kind of toner is the best at retaining it's color and adhering to our material. Most manufacturers carry carbon toner for their machines, contact your manufacturer for more information.

If you haven't yet bought a new printer, here are a few things to look out for:

1.) As straight a feed-path as possible. - Due to it's thickness, laser material can sometimes jam inside the machine, especially if your machine takes several twists and turns as it runs through the printer.

2.) Color temperature settings - Being able to manipulate the temperature at which the printer adheres images is useful when trying to manipulate the darkness of your print. This is especially useful when dealing with thicker material that may not work with your printer's default settings.

3.) 10mil thickness. - This is mostly an industry standard, but you want to ensure that your printer can handle 10mil thick material. Most do, but if it cannot you will be unable to use your printer with this material.

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