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Datamax M-Class 4206 TT/DT Printer:
DPI (Dots per inch): 203
IPS (Inches per second): 6"
Print Width: 4.25"
Media Thickness: 10mil
Maximum Media Width: 4.65"

Datamax M-Class 4206 (4.25", DD / TT, 203dpi, 6ips)

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Datamax M-Class 4206 (4.25", DD / TT, 203dpi, 6ips) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Datamax M-Class

The M-Class is a compact, industrial-strength printer that offers outstanding calue with abroad range of features. The smaller footprint is ideal when users need the power of industrial printers but must consider space limitations. The M-Class has proven to be the perfect solution for warehouse, healthcare, logistics, horticulture, and retail applicastions. The modular design of the M-Class makes maintenance and part replacement easy, and the flexible design allows for a variety of options to be upgraded in the field! This printer is an excellent choice for growers who primarily print on low-density plastics (such as certain tree-tags) and adhesive labels.

The Datamax M-Class comes standard with an easy to read LCD control panel that is designed for maximum ease of use. In addition, its  precision die-cast aluminum frame is built to withstand years of use and mission-critical printing applications. The M-Class series also comes with a standard internal rewinder that spools the finished labels/tags into a new roll as it prints!  For more information on the M-Class series of printers, please refer to the 'Product Downloads' sections of this web page. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer support and a representative will be glad to help you!

Loda Enterprises Part Number(s): 452115
Manufacturer Datamax
Print Method TT & DT
IPS 6"
Print Width 4.25"
Media Thickness 10mil
Maximum Media Width 4.65"
Maximum Inside Diameter 3"
Maximum Outside Diameter 8"
Memory 8MB DRAM, 4MB flash
Interface USB, Centronics IEEE 1284 Parallel port, RS232 at 1200 to 38,400 BPS
Printer Dimensions 10.21" high x 10.10 wide x 18.19" deep
Printer Weight 27lbs