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Toshiba SX5 TT/DT 5" Printer:


DPI (Dots per inch): 306

IPS (Inches per second): 10"

Print Width: 5.12"

Printer Dimensions: 11.5" high x 12.15" wide x 18" deep

TEC B-SX5T Modified Printer (5" DT / TT, 305dpi, 8"/sec)

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TEC B-SX5T Modified Printer (5" DT / TT, 305dpi, 8"/sec) is available for purchase in increments of 1

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Toshiba TXP SX-5 - "The Industry Workhorse"

The TEC TXP SX-5 printer is the most popular on-demand printer in the horticulture / nursery industry, and with good reason! Its near-edge print technology allows the printer to print up to 8"/sec on media as thick as 24mil, while still transfering a high-quality image at 306 dots-per-inch.What makes the TXP different from the other SX series of printers is its extended carrier width; with a carrier width of 10", the TXP SX-5 is capable of loading media with twice the length of the standard SX series printer. With the TXP SX-5 growers can print on any label or tag in our inventory, including tree tags up to 9" in length. 

Just like all TEC SX models, the TXP SX-5 is designed with a rugged powder-coated industrial-strength steel case that makes it dependable in harsh environments, yet still attractive in an office or store setting. This is the perfect printer for customers who cannot be limited by the thickness or length of the media they need to print on. For more information about the TXP SX-5's features, please refer to the 'Product Downloads' section of this page. If you have any questions about this printer, please contact customer support.

Loda Enterprises Part Number(s): No
Manufacturer Toshiba
Print Method TT & DT
IPS 8"
Print Width 5.02"
Media Thickness 5.1-24mil
Maximum Media Width 5"
Maximum Inside Diameter 3"
Maximum Outside Diameter 7.9"
Memory 16MB On-board. Optional flash card extension: 1-4mb
Interface Serial (RS-232C), ECP (Centronics parallel), USB
Printer Dimensions 12.5" high x 15.75" wide x 18.0" deep
Printer Weight 41.9lbs