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The Discount on Modified and Widebody TEC Printers Ends in 2016


Discounts finally set to expire:

For the past few years Sato has been providing a steep discount on new modified TEC printers (TEC SX5T and TEC TXP SX5T), in order to replace obsolete models (TEC B-572, TEC B-472, Economy 3-4, Economy 3-5) with servicable machines. We knew these discounts would be temporary, however, and Loda has been informed that prices will go back to their original levels beginning next year.

MSRP on new models will go back to $4145.00 begenning next year.
All orders processed on or before December 29th, 2016 will be sold at the discounted price of $2995.00.

Modified TEC printers are designed to work better in rugged conditions and with a whole suite of horticulture media. There is no substitute for these machines on the market today because (unlike other thermal transfer printers) modified TEC printers are built to:

Print On Media up to 10" Wide:Wide Slip-On Tags

Other printers on the market don't allow for wide printing, forcing users to print wide tags vertically in rows of 4 or 5. The TEC TXP SX5T has an extended body that can accept individual labels up to 10" in length. This means you don't have to print 5 labels at a time. It also means you can print on a variety of sizes that other thermal printers cannot.

Print on Media as Thick as 24mil:Thick Pot Tags

Modified TEC units are made to print on material up to 24mil thick; which provides a wide selection of thicknesses, sizes and color options to choose from. Most printers can only handle 10mil material and most pot tags are at least 13mil, meaning most other printers using even our 13mil media are potentially causing damage to their machines.

Survive the Horticulture Environment:Made to last in horticulture settings.

Whether you get the regular TEC SX5T wide-body TEC TXP SX5T, you're getting a machine built to last. The original plastic parts are replaced in these models in order to work with heavy horticulture material. TXP models are further modified to survive in rugged settings. When properly maintained, these printers will last upwards of 20 years!


Orders must be processed by December 29th in order to receive the discount.

To ensure that you receive your discount, please submit your orders on or before December 23rd.

If you've been waiting to purchase a new printer, please contact us before it's too late. Call, write, or shop online but be sure to get your order in before the year is out!